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It is considered one of the leading and specialized companies in the field of security and safety in the State of Libya. It provides equipment and safety requirements of all kinds, as well as consultancy and training in the field of safety. It cooperates with many international companies and is an agent for a number of them in this field, as it concerns us first and foremost the safety of the individual and society. and property and our services are as follows: Providing personal protective equipment such as safety clothing of all kinds, shoes, hats, ear protectors, eye protectors, gloves, and masks. …..etc.

Training and consulting by specialized trainers and engineers from international companies specialized in the field of safety in all its aspects.

Providing safety equipment and supplies such as emergency showers and disposal of chemicals, fire-resistant, and anti-corrosion chemical storage containers, and other materials necessary for the safety of individuals and property.



Supplying and installing early fire alarm devices, accessories, and spare parts.

Providing firefighting equipment from self-extinguishing systems, fire trucks, multi-sized cylinders and hoses according to international standards, and other equipment.

Supplying and installing surveillance devices with cameras against all dangers, such as theft, burglary, attendance systems, and fingerprint systems.

Providing and installing noise intensity measurement devices, portable gas measurement devices, fixed systems, training on how to use them, and all after-sales services, in addition to having a warranty period for them.

Supplying and installing incinerators, training on how to use them, and all after-sales services, in addition to having a warranty period for them.

Prevention and protection from the dangers of burglary.



Supply and installation of the attendance and departure control system.

The possibility of providing electronic gates for the entry and exit of employees and visitors.

Supply and installation of the security arch for personal inspection.

Supply and installation of a bracket to inspect bags and suspended equipment.

Supplying and installing surveillance cameras, monitoring and recording.

Supply and installation of security locks and password control.

Supplying and installing anti-burglary and registration systems.

Providing ambulances and all rescue and first aid equipment.

Providing firefighters and firefighters assistants to carry out firefighting services at airstrips and oil fields.

Prevention Company would like to inform you that it has a center specialized in maintenance and refilling of all types and sizes of fire extinguishing cylinders under the name (Technical Maintenance Workshop). Among the most important works it performs are:

Inspection of the cylinder from the inside and the outside.
Refill the cylinders.
Hydrogen pressure test.
Painting includes first and final paint.