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The internal regulations in force for the implementation of safety procedures


EL-WEKAYA Company is one of the companies specialized in the field of security and safety in the State of Libya. It provides consultations, training, and the provision of equipment and safety requirements of all kinds, and since we are concerned first and foremost with occupational safety and environmental safety for the individual, society, property, and our awareness and awareness of the risks that surround individuals During the implementation of the work, the company developed an internal regulation for safety procedures, and all employees, engineers, and firefighters were obligated and followed up in their departments, which are restricted under the Libyan law related to safety, health and environment issues and all requirements specified by the National Oil Corporation. These procedures are: – All employees of the company are responsible for implementing safety and environmental procedures They are obligated to do it and each employee is required to wear personal protective clothing and all that is necessary to protect him from any work injuries and reduce losses during fieldwork in oil fields and airstrips and during training courses. All company employees undergo training courses in the principles of safety, health, and the environment. – As for the company’s administrative site, it is equipped with all the necessary security and safety equipment such as – fire cylinders, fire blankets, first aid boxes, fire early warning devices, and other equipment necessary for the safety of employees.